Beach Patrol

Lifeguard Stands

Lifeguard Chief Hugh "Jay" Boyd and Captain Rob Connor are responsible for hiring, training, and supervising several dozen ocean beach and bay beach lifeguards each summer.  Lifeguard stands are located on the ocean beach at most streets except Sherman Avenue, Grant Avenue, and Porter Avenue.  The bay beach lifeguard stand is located bayside approximately 100' south of the Stewart's Root Beer concession.  Occasionally, due to poor weather, light attendance, or special events, the number of lifeguard stands may be reduced and visitors will be instructed to swim only at protected areas. 


Lifeguard candidates must pass a rigorous ocean swim test annually and undergo a comprehensive training program using ocean rescue methods developed over the course of many years by lifeguard legend Captain John Boyd.

Beach Patrol Headquarters

Beach Patrol Headquarters is located at South Beach on the Boardwalk (south of Midway Steaks/Webster Avenue). A North Beach substation is located on the Boardwalk at Kearney Avenue.
Captain John
Photo of Captain John
​ by © Kathy Cacicedo