Tax Assessor

Responsibilities & Duties

The Assessor's responsibilities are governed by State laws and regulated by the Ocean County Board of Taxation. State laws direct that assessments be predicated on Market Value of properties considering comparable (similar in location or neighborhood, physical attributes, quality and condition and not limited to) sales. Assessors seek the market value, considering the requisites of same for all properties in order to determine the acceptability of sales as comparables in an analysis. The effective date of assessed value for a coming year is October 1st of the pre-tax year (N.J.S.A. 54 4, 2023).

Property Ownership & Appeals

When a property owner believes there is an error in the derived assessment the Assessor welcomes meeting with the owner. In addition, each property owner has the right to appeal the property assessment. Unless otherwise indicated on your assessment notice, the deadline to appeal your assessment is April 1st. Appeals must be filed with the Ocean County Board of Taxation. To learn more about the appeals process and how to appeal your assessment, please visit the Ocean County Board of Taxation's website or call 732-929-2008.

Assessment Search Portal

You can search Ocean County assessments by using the Ocean County Board of Taxation's tax list search portal.