Contact Directory

Mayor 732-793-9100 Bill Akers
Borough Council 732-830-1436
Victoria Graichen
Arline Ottoson
Agnes Polhemus
Richard Tompkins
Anthony Vaz
Harry Smith
American with Disabilities ACT (ADA) 732-793-9100 Christopher Vaz
Animal Control Officer 732-793-1800 William Rumbolo
Attorney 732-240-6000 George R. Gilmore, Esq.
Auditor 732-780-5106 Oliwa & Co.
Borough Adminstrator 732-212-6817 Christopher Vaz
Chief Financial Officer 732-793-9100 Barbara Risley
Code Enforcement Officer 732-793-9101 Ken Roberts
Community Development Block Grant Committee 732-793-9100 Christopher Vaz
Construction Code Official 732-793-9101 Charles Lasky
Technical Assistant to the Construction Official 732-793-9101 Melissa Nelson
Court Administrator 732-830-2202 Jane Carrozza
Court Judges 732-830-2202 James Liguori & Daniel Sahin
Municipal Clerk 732-793-9100 Diane Stabley, RMC
Deputy Clerk 732-793-9100 Christopher Vaz
Electric 732-793-9100 Joan Clauss
Electric Subcode 732-793-9101 Joe Callari
Emergency Management Coordinator 732-793-1800 William J. Hibell
Deputy Coordinator 732-793-1800 Lieut. John Lombardi
Engineer 732-573-0490 Michael O’Donnell, P.E.
Fire Department (Non-emergency) 732-793-0445 Chief Bill Rumbolo
Fire Marshall 609-633-6106 NJ Dept of Fire Safety
Tri-Boro First Aid Squad (Non-emergency) 732-830-3236 Marie Rice
Health Department 732-341-9700 Ocean County
Housing 732-793-9101 Ken Roberts
Lifeguard Headquarters 732-793-4646 Jay Boyd & Rob Connor
Payroll 732-793-9100 Judy Woolley
Planner Contact Secretary
Planning Board Attorney Contact Secretary Guy Ryan, Esq.
Planning Board Chairman Contact Secretary
Planning Board Engineer Contact Secretary Doug Klee, P.E.
Planning Board Secretary 732-793-9100 Ann Stabile
Plumbing Subcode 732-793-9101 Salvatore Farruggia
Police 732-793-1800 Dispatch
Police Chief 732-793-1800 Thomas Boyd
Public Works 732-793-0313 Bill Rumbolo
Receptionist 732-793-9100 Peggy Nunn & Linda Braiser
Recycling 732-793-0313 Public Works
Registrar 732-793-9100 Diane Stabley
Senior Services 732-793-9100 Agnes Polhemus/Arline Ottoson
Social Services & Public Assistance 793-349-1500 Ocean County
Special Events Coordinator 908-600-6741 MichaelĀ Graichen
Tax Collector 732-793-9100 Jeffrey Elsasser
Tax Assessor 732-793-9102 Eric Zanetti
Water & Sewer 732-793-9100 Kathy Deriggi
Zoning Officer 732-793-9101 Kenneth Roberts