Contact Directory

Mayor: 732-793-9100 Bill Akers
Borough Council: 732-830-1436
Victoria Graichen
Arline Ottoson
Agnes Polhemus
Richard Tompkins
Anthony Vaz
American with Disabilities ACT (ADA): 732-793-9100 John Camera
Animal Control Officer: 732-793-1800 William Rumbolo
Attorney: 732-240-6000 George R. Gilmore, ESQ
Auditor: 732-671-2244 Meyler & Co.
Borough Adminstrator: 732-793-9100 John Camera
Chief Financial Officer: 732-793-9100 Barbara Risley
Code Enforcement Officer: 732-793-9101 Ken Roberts
Community Development Block Grant Committee 732-793-9100 John A. Camera
Director of Community Improvements: 732-330-6651 Mike Loundy
Construction Office: 732-793-9101 Charles Lasky
Control Officer 732-793-9101 Melissa Nelson
Court Administrator: 732-830-2202 Jane Carrozza
Court Judge: 732-830-2202 Damian Murray
Municipal Clerk 732-793-9100 Diane Stabley
Deputy Clerk: 732-793-9100 John A. Camera
Deputy Clerk: 732-793-9100 Tracy Lizardi
Electric 732-793-9100 Joan Clauss
Electric Subcode: 732-793-9101 Joe Callari
Office of Emergency Management: 732-793-1800 William J. Hibell
Deputy Coordinator: 732-793-1800 Lieut. John Lombardi
Engineer 732-573-0490 Michael O’Donnell
Fire Department (Non-emergency): 732-793-0445 Bill Rumbolo
Fire Marshall 732-793-0445 Charles Lasky
First Aid & Rescue Squad
732-830-3236 Tri-Boro
Marie Rice
Health Department: 732-341-9700 Ocean County
Housing 732-793-9101 Ken Roberts
Lifeguard Headquarters 732-793-4646 Jay Boyd & Rob Connor
Planner: Contact Secretary
Planning Board Attorney: Contact Secretary Scott Thompson
Planning Board Chairman: Contact Secretary Richard Crosby
Planning Board Engineer Contact Secretary Chas Holloway
Planning Board Secretary: 732-793-9100 Ann Stabile
Plumbing Subcode: 732-793-9101 Salvatore Farruggia
Police 732-793-1800 Dispatch
Police Chief 732-793-1800 Thomas Boyd
Public Works: 732-793-0313 Bill Rumbolo
Recycling: 732-793-0313 Public Works
Registrar: 732-793-9100 Diane Stabley
Senior Services: 732-793-9100 Anthony Vaz
Social Services & Public Assistance: 793-349-1500 Ocean County
Special Events Coordinator : 908-600-6741 MichaelĀ Graichen
Tax Collector: 732-793-9100 Christine Sierfeld
Tax Assessor: 732-793-9102 Eric Zanetti
Water & Sewer 732-793-9100 Linda Brasier
Zoning Officer: 732-793-9101 Kenneth Roberts