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Posted on: May 25, 2022

Dogs Are Not Permitted on Boardwalk & Beach

Dogs are not permitted on the Boardwalk and beach.  Anybody claiming that their dog is a service dog will be challenged by Code Enforcement Officers as permitted by the Americans With Disabilities Act.  Our staff are trained to observe the dog's behavior before the owner is challenged. Three important points:  1) emotional support dogs are not service animals under the ADA;  2) there are no Federal or official NJ service dog registries; and 3) bona fide service dogs are working dogs - they must be working while they accompany their handler. Behavior that indicates a dog is not working: licking hands, eating, urinating, leash pulling, no leash, transported in a cart or baby carrier, excessive barking, misbehaving, excessive sniffing, stealing food, nervous behavior, dog is young, dog whining in absence of handler emergency.    

The private registries that have sprung up online are mostly scams taking your money in exchange for a false sense of security.  The service dog vests for sale online are not evidence that a dog is a bona fide service animal. In point of fact, very few dogs that walk our Boardwalk are real service dogs under the ADA.  The effort and training are extraordinary, and it could be expensive. 

People that try to pass their dog off as a fake service animal harm disabled people that have a real need for a service dog - and it's against the law!

Fake service dogs distract real service dogs from performing their job, potentially putting handlers at risk.

Each time a fake service dog behaves badly in public, it makes life harder for people who rely on real service dogs.

Aggressive or reactive fake service dogs may attack or injure a real one.

Fake service dogs put hard-earned Civil Rights at risk.       

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