Message to Property Owners

Now that many things in the Borough are getting back to “normal”, the governing body wanted to let everyone know that they truly empathize with all that you are going through. They all live in Seaside and therefore, are dealing with the same frustrations and costs which you are. Many people have complained recently about the minimum, and what appear to be high water bills. There was no fourth quarter billing in 2012 due to the storm, and the minimum charge must be paid in order to avoid the need to increase the per gallon charges. Even if people use little to no water in any given quarter, it is more fair to have a minimum bill which helps cover the cost of having the system and capacity in place to provide everyone with as much water as they demand during the summer. In regards to some high bills, we realize that either a conscious decision to run some water to prevent pipes from freezing, and/or some faucets left open by a tenant may have caused some higher than normal bills. The fact that water ran through the meter means the costs associated with the pumping, treatment, distribution, sewer collection and sewer treatment were all still incurred. Therefore, reductions of these bills would only mean that other rate payers have to cover these costs. The only time the Borough can legitimately give a leak adjustment is if there is a verified pipe break which causes water to run into the ground. In this case, the bill can be adjusted to eliminate the sewer charge since this water was never collected or treated by the sewer utility.

Because they are the decision makers for Seaside Heights, it has, and will be, very difficult for the governing body to enforce the collection of fees and the compliance with codes during these trying times. They want you to understand that while it was nice to pick-up all the storm debris, and waive certain interest and permit fees, this all had to come to an end. Any fees which are not paid by an individual, any additional debris which would be picked up and any forgiving of utility charges must be paid for by the other tax and utility customers of the Borough. Please understand that going forward, all taxes, fees and interest must be paid by everyone and all construction and storm debris must be dealt with privately and put in containers.

Thank you again for your patience, understanding and determination during these trying times. We are all in this together, and together we will come out of this even better than before.