The governing body is pleased to present you with the opportunity to learn even more about the elevation of structures. There will be a special seminar held in the municipal court room on March 13 at 6:00pm. You must be a property owner to be admitted and if there are too many people who wish to attend we will hold a second session on another date.

Thousands of homes and other buildings have been flooded by Sandy. If the building is damaged over 50% of the value it needs to be elevated to comply with floodplain regulations. L & R Resources has been hired by the structural elevation industry to educated flood-affected property owners and government officials about why we need to elevate buildings at risk of flooding, the equipment used to elevate buildings, the steps of elevation and how to select a professional elevation contractor.

Rod Scott, the presenter is based out of Mandeville, Louisiana and has years of experience as a contractor rebuilding flood damaged buildings and has worked for several of the largest elevation contractors in America.”